Safe DNA Testing sets us apart.

January 7th, 2008

Thunderhill Ranch has provided a solution to the harmful darting practices in DNA Sampling. They are different from other breeding facilities in that they do not dart their deer for DNA sampling. carcasa iphone 6 tous Instead THR uses safe chutes to work their deer and collect DNA samples. The deer are guided in the chute, a door is closed then samples are taken quickly. The deer are then returned back into the pens, and there is no time wasted. carcasa iphone 7 campanilla Knowing that darting is expensive, time consuming, and depletes the heath of the deer, THR found that not darting is the exact opposite. It helps the ranch stay organized, cuts costs, and protects the health of the animals. carcasa atletico de madrid iphone x This is a more economical way to boost quality of their deer. The ranch is currently taking samples from their older deer to connect all the lineage on the ranch. carcasa cargador samsung a5 This information will help them to inform and educate their clients on the full genetics of their deer selections. carcasa j7 2017 samsung completo At the same time they can trace genetic performance and health of the animals on an accurate scientific level.

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