Four Inches of Rain!!!!!

January 15th, 2009

After months of dust and heat, carcasa minnie iphone 6 Thunderhill Ranch finally received about 4 inches of rain. carcasa transparente iphone 7 How exciting to see washed out puddled roads. carcasa iphone 7 tetris The Llano river is running rapidly, carcasa silicona transparente iphone 7 plus the tanks and ponds have water and the deer are frisky. carcasa madera iphone 7 Ken and Chad Barington have plowed and seeded the six food plots around the deer hunting blinds. carcasa iphone 6s baloncesto All are looking forward to hunting season.

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  1. Erin Shalala Says:

    Dear Fellow Ranchers,
    I am so elated that you also got four inches of rain! It is like liquid gold after the summer we have had. I had to move my cattle to another property due the the crispy conditions. I have to let the pasture recover. The Earth is very forgiving and things are beginning to green up nicely.
    I was shocked to wake up and find the lower tank full and inhabited by a family of ducks with 11 ducklings. The sage is in bloom, the hummingbirds are back and the temp has dropped from a fierce 109 to 79.

    I think those who enjoy hunting should be making reservations. It is going to be a wonderful Fall.

    I have kept my Longhorns, of course. They are pets. Morning tea would not be the same without them.

    Keep up the great work.
    Sending rain your way,
    Erin Shalala

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