Green Going into Fall!!!

January 30th, 2009

The entire Hill Country area as well as Thunderhill Ranch is green and beautiful after all the recent rains. carcasas para samsung s9 We are still suffering from the extended drought, but it is so much better after the recent slow rains. iphone 5s carcasa We have water standing where we have not seen it since the Spring 2007 flood. carcasas iphone 6 nike On a late evening drive around the ranch last night, we saw the following: 2 magnificent 10 point bucks; 4 inches of growth in the recently planted food plots; a covey of quail; flying doves; hog and deer tracks in the soft, wet soil; numerous wildflowers and a magnificent sunset. carcasa iphone 5s agua Unfortunately with the prolonged drought, we have lost some of our oak trees. carcasas iphone 6s nike The plan is to cut some down for firewood to use in the Hunter’s Cabin as well as the big fire pit. carcasa con espejo iphone 6s Our first hunters will arrive this Friday.

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