Bottle Feeding New Fawn July, 2009

July 27th, 2009

A tiny doe fawn slipped out of the fence within a day of being born.  She had not been tagged so we didn’t know which pen in which she belonged.  Three pens of Mama does acted like she belonged there.  It was decided that she would be taken to the barn to be bottle fed.

Bottle feeding is not the policy at Thunderhill but she was so tiny.  Every 4 hours, one of the staff went to the barn to feed her.  In the beginning she fell asleep while eating so we didn’t know if she would survive.  Each day she got stronger and ate more.

She was joined several days later by a little buck fawn whose Mother had been sick. He was much bigger and loved being fed.

feeding baby doe

feeding baby doe

baby doe

baby doe

A neighbor ranch that also breeds deer bottle feeds all their fawns. They agreed to take the Thunderhill fawns, so our 2 fawns have a happy new home.

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  1. marytdav Says:

    I will have Jim Davenport call you. We don’t sell fawns until they are weaned. We do have deer for sale.
    Mary Davenport

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