Carroll Lewing hits the jackpot!!

February 21st, 2010

Carroll Lewing has been hunting at Thunderhill Ranch for many weekends since October, 2009.    Both of his boys have killed bucks, but when it came time for Papa Carroll to hunt, nothing ever came his way. Finally on February 18th, he got lucky.  The Winter has been so cold with so much rain that a pattern of their travel could never be established. They traveled all over the ranch chasing the does.

The first buck to come within site was this wide 146 B & C deer.

Carroll Lewing with his 146 B & C buck
Guide Chad Barington with Carroll Lewing and his 146 B & C buck.

Then lo and behold, another big boy decides to make his appearance at the same blind.  This one was even bigger so  Carroll decided to take him as well.  It was a happy day for this persistent hunter.  We have heard told that hunting on a high fenced ranch doesn’t present any challenges.  Carroll Lewing doesn’t agree with that and plans to return to Thunderhill Ranch in the next hunting season.

Carroll Lewing and Chad Barington with both bucks.

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