Ammo and Attitude-A New Reality Show!!!

March 30th, 2010

The Shipman Agency, Inc. is proud to announce that their Original  Series Nationally on Versus “Ammo and Attitude” has swept the National Bugle Awards. Bugle awards are the Oscars of the hunting show world.  They won in 3 major categories:  CAT 1 Best New Show Internationally; CAT 2 Best Original Show Domestically; CAT 5 Best New Show Domestically.

Thunderhill Ranch is particularly proud  of the Shipman Agency as the first series is scheduled to be filmed at Thunderhill Ranch in May.  The wildflowers should be magnificent during the filming as the cold winter and abundant rains have blessed the Hill Country this year.

“Ammo and Attitude” won their honors based on the pilot.  The Thunderhill staff are looking forward to welcoming Cast and Crew in May.

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4 Responses to “Ammo and Attitude-A New Reality Show!!!”

  1. Kent Wall Says:

    There is probably no better personality than Becky Lacock to be on your program… She shows wit, quick thinking and has an unbounding love of nature… a convert some ten years ago, she will bring not only beauty but brains and a real can do attitude to your program, I do not think you will be disappointed, I won’t!! I look forward to seeing her on your program!!!

  2. Marsha Ray Says:

    Beckylou is doing what she loves… and it shows!! Thank goodness you grabbed her first!!!!

  3. Pat Muffler Says:

    I know that after spending a week in the wilds of Upper Michigan with Becky Lou that you have definitly got the right person for the job.. And your hands full! Their is no one more excited about the outdoors than this woman. She has an attitude for outdoors that shows all respect for mother nature, She also is a great promoter for women and men, her personality is above and beyond any that I have seen! Not to mention what an awesome cook she is!! Becky Lou shows that she can handle all aspects of the outdoors, wether is cold, hot, raining or snowing it does not matter to her, Its all outdooors! I also know she can handle a 12 gauge as easy as a tube of lipstick. In a nut shell. Beauty, Brains and Camo! This womans got it goin on!

  4. marytdav Says:

    Glad you watched the program. Thunderhill Ranch in Llano just hosted the series. You will have to apply through the Ammo and Attitude web site. Let me know if you have problems.
    Mary Davenport

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