Hunting and TV Show

August 8th, 2010

The second installment of “Ammo and Attitude” aired August 8th, 2010 on the Versus Channel,  How magnificent Thunderhill Ranch looked on film with all of its raw beauty.  The fact that the filming was done in May when the wildflowers were still blooming made it even more gorgeous.  From the rolling hills and bass pond viewable from the hunter’s cabin to the craggy rocks of Little Sandstone mountain, viewers got a view of the variety of terrains existing on this beautiful part of Texas known as Llano.

Hunters take note of this thick and brushy terrain where the big bucks like to hide.  Make your plans now to book a very special hunting trip with great vistas, big deer, superb accommodations and gourmet food all delivered by the very accommodating Thunderhill Staff.  No need to hang out in a rustic hunting camp hoping to get a deer.

The women on “Ammo and Attitude” were fun to watch in their quest to be the winner.  It is obvious that they have spent time in the wilderness.  Team Otis really got their act together after losing the first challenge to team Browning.  In the fire gathering exercise, team Otis planned their approach to gathering the firewood, putting it on the Polaris and laying it on their designated location. Consequently they won the challenge.  In the personal challenge, Jana Waller built and lighted her fire first winning a prize from Game Guard.

Be sure to watch Episode 3 next week when the 6 women have to prove their survival skills by rescuing a dummy from the craggy, granite filled Little Sandstone mountain. One will see the Llano River and vistas from the mountain in the episode.  All that was shown in the previews.

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  1. Lynn Raynes Says:

    Great show ! I like to see someone trying to get ladies interested in shooting sports. Your contestants are great with a wonderful attitude. Your contestant Becky Lou is not only skilled but one of the lovelyest ladies in Texas…. Keep up the good work…..

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