Thunderhill Ranch Facilities

Deer Breeding Facility

In 2003 Dr James Kroll was asked to assist in developing and building Thunderhill Ranch. The result is a beautiful and functional state of the art deer breeding facility. Dr Kroll has 20+ years of deer breeding experience that is reflected in the design and construction of the deer barn and quad pen system.


Located in one of the valleys, the quad pen system runs uphill from each side of the deer barn. There is a slight downward slope of the valley, so the flow of any water proceeds downward from the pens and away from the entire operation. To improve water flow, a large French Drain system prevents water runoff from contaminating any other pen or the deer barn.

Pen Diagram


The deer handling barn is definitely state of the art. This 2 story structure serves two functions. It allows the easy movement of deer from their pens into the barn for all working deer operations. Additionally it serves as a 360 degree observation platform for all operations. The handling rooms in the barn are equipped with red and white lights controlled from a common control center. A rotunda channels deer in many directions including the handling cradle and various rooms and hallways. A scientific laboratory lies adjacent to the cradle area. It is equipped with the latest technology for artificial breeding, semen collection, and disease diagnosis and treatment.?


Visitors can sit in the comfortable second floor viewing area, with windows on all four sides, to observe the deer in their pens.


Observation Tower Interiordeerobservationbarn03_large


Walk-in Cooler Inside Processing Kitchenprocessingkitchen01_large

Deer Skinning Equipmentprocessing01_large

Deer Processing Kitchenprocessingkitchen03_large


Head Quarters Officehqoffice01_large

Rifle and Skeet Rangeriflerangeskeetrange02_large


Ranch Transportationbng1211080002

Thunderhill Ranch Deer Transportdeertrailer