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August 12th, 2010

Thunderhill got nearly an inch of rain this afternoon in a wild wind blowing rainstorm.  It was short but sweet and the deer were shaking and cavorting in the rain.  Need another tomorrow.

Hunting and TV Show

August 8th, 2010

The second installment of “Ammo and Attitude” aired August 8th, 2010 on the Versus Channel,  How magnificent Thunderhill Ranch looked on film with all of its raw beauty.  The fact that the filming was done in May when the wildflowers were still blooming made it even more gorgeous.  From the rolling hills and bass pond viewable from the hunter’s cabin to the craggy rocks of Little Sandstone mountain, viewers got a view of the variety of terrains existing on this beautiful part of Texas known as Llano.

Hunters take note of this thick and brushy terrain where the big bucks like to hide.  Make your plans now to book a very special hunting trip with great vistas, big deer, superb accommodations and gourmet food all delivered by the very accommodating Thunderhill Staff.  No need to hang out in a rustic hunting camp hoping to get a deer.

The women on “Ammo and Attitude” were fun to watch in their quest to be the winner.  It is obvious that they have spent time in the wilderness.  Team Otis really got their act together after losing the first challenge to team Browning.  In the fire gathering exercise, team Otis planned their approach to gathering the firewood, putting it on the Polaris and laying it on their designated location. Consequently they won the challenge.  In the personal challenge, Jana Waller built and lighted her fire first winning a prize from Game Guard.

Be sure to watch Episode 3 next week when the 6 women have to prove their survival skills by rescuing a dummy from the craggy, granite filled Little Sandstone mountain. One will see the Llano River and vistas from the mountain in the episode.  All that was shown in the previews.

First Ammo and Attitude Installment Aired

August 3rd, 2010

The first installment of a series of 11 installment was aired on Versus channel Sunday morning, August 1st.

Be sure to watch the continuing series at 7:30 AM Central to see what these lovely ladies are accomplishing with their many challenges.

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Photos Posted on Thunderhill Facebook

July 4th, 2010

Just posted new photos showing life on the ranch in Spring.

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AMMO and ATTITUDE is coming in August

July 3rd, 2010;

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“Ammo and Attitude” is a Wrap

May 17th, 2010

The staff and crew for “Ammo an Attitude”  could not have asked for better conditions for  filming the first episode.  Thanks to the rains in April, wildflowers were still blooming and the grass all green.

Thunderhill Ranch hosted the producers, hosts, contestants, judges and filming crew for 15 days. Everybody worked hard, was fed well and had a great time.  We are all excited about seeing the first episode of “Ammo and Attitude”  to be aired on August 2, 2010 on the Versus channel.

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Wildflowers in Spring

April 29th, 2010

Thunderhill Ranch looks like a painting this Spring.  Now that all the trees have leafed and the grass is green from the rains, the pastures look like waves of color in the winds.  Bluebonnets are now ending their reign but the firewheels or indian blankets  make splashes of color thoughout the fields.  Some of the recent flowers identified as the thelesperma, spiderwort, lazy daisy and a beautiful purple plant called blue curls or fiddleneck.

All the rivers, lakes and ponds are full with the exception of Lake Buchanan but the fishing has been great.

Thunderhill Ranch is all prepared for the “Ammo and Attitude” film crew who will arrive this weekend to film the series.  The six female contestants arrive on Sunday, May 2nd.   What a glorious  time and place to film a series that will appear on the Verses channel this Fall.

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Ammo and Attitude-A New Reality Show!!!

March 30th, 2010

The Shipman Agency, Inc. is proud to announce that their Original  Series Nationally on Versus “Ammo and Attitude” has swept the National Bugle Awards. Bugle awards are the Oscars of the hunting show world.  They won in 3 major categories:  CAT 1 Best New Show Internationally; CAT 2 Best Original Show Domestically; CAT 5 Best New Show Domestically.

Thunderhill Ranch is particularly proud  of the Shipman Agency as the first series is scheduled to be filmed at Thunderhill Ranch in May.  The wildflowers should be magnificent during the filming as the cold winter and abundant rains have blessed the Hill Country this year.

“Ammo and Attitude” won their honors based on the pilot.  The Thunderhill staff are looking forward to welcoming Cast and Crew in May.

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Carroll Lewing hits the jackpot!!

February 21st, 2010

Carroll Lewing has been hunting at Thunderhill Ranch for many weekends since October, 2009.    Both of his boys have killed bucks, but when it came time for Papa Carroll to hunt, nothing ever came his way. Finally on February 18th, he got lucky.  The Winter has been so cold with so much rain that a pattern of their travel could never be established. They traveled all over the ranch chasing the does.

The first buck to come within site was this wide 146 B & C deer.

Carroll Lewing with his 146 B & C buck
Guide Chad Barington with Carroll Lewing and his 146 B & C buck.

Then lo and behold, another big boy decides to make his appearance at the same blind.  This one was even bigger so  Carroll decided to take him as well.  It was a happy day for this persistent hunter.  We have heard told that hunting on a high fenced ranch doesn’t present any challenges.  Carroll Lewing doesn’t agree with that and plans to return to Thunderhill Ranch in the next hunting season.

Carroll Lewing and Chad Barington with both bucks.

Wendy McWilliams Kills her first buck!!!

January 16th, 2010

Wendy McWilliams from Midland, Texas made her first trip to Thunderhill Ranch on January 11 -13, 2010. The wife of videographer Ron McWilliams who has filmed before at this ranch and other local ranches, Wendy had never been hunting before. She made her well traveled husband proud by killing a beautiful 9 point buck that scored 146 B&C. Wendy nailed her buck with one shot through the heart and lungs. She never stopped smiling for the entire time in Llano.

Ron got into the action as well by shooting this nice fox that decided to make his appearance known. The McWilliams had a great mini vacation while grandparents kept their little boy Hunter. Ron did some beautiful photography while on the ranch as well as enjoying the gourmet food and companionship.

Wendy's first buck

Side view of Wendy's first buck

Wendy with proud husband Ron McWilliams

Ron with his fox

Hunting is available through February and we still have some openings. Call Chad at the office 325-247-5444 to inquire.

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